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We have a quality first approach to solar panel products we select for you and we proudly back this up with high standard installation and excellent after sales service. We are extremely helpful in making you understand the benefits of a solar PV system on your electricity bills. We are known for our no pressure consultation. We take immense pride in declaring that our clients are happier and more power efficient.


The Complete solar installation system for
residences and commercial operations.

Important information about our products

Actual savings will vary based on your electricity usage and utility rates. Savings estimates are based on solar energy production, your solar kWh rate, your current utility kWh rate and projected increases in the utility rate (based on historical data and a national average). Estimates do not take into consideration other changes in utility rates. Such changes could affect your overall estimated savings.

Your solar system production will vary based on weather and other factors. Solar system’s cumulative production will be evaluated to validate annual production guarantee. The service agreement can be transferred to the new homeowner with Solar Seed approval.

Solar panel

Solar panel

We have an amazing offering of specialized solar panels for residential and commercial. We also offer our consultation on what suits your requirements. All of our products are of the highest quality and adhere to the strictest industry safety standards. View our full catalog in order to know all of our products.

Solar inverter

Solar inverter

For any Solar Power System, its inverter is the most important component. It is responsible for converting DC electricity, which is produced by the panels to AC electricity which you can use in your homes or export back to the grid. It controls the voltage of the system to extract maximum power from the solar system. Your inverter reports back to you the performance of your system. There are many inverters available in the market, but we only sell the ones which are the best.



Solar Battery investment is a great option in the long run if you are conscious of your running costs. Investing in a battery helps saves a lot more than you will with a stand-alone solar system. Rather than exporting the excess solar energy back to the grid for a small tariff, battery stores that excess electricity allowing you to use it in the evening when your solar system is not working. You will save significantly as it will decrease the amount of electricity that you use from the grid.


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When clients go out of their way to give us a compliment, it means a lot. It lets us know we're doing things right for them. And it lets you know we'll do the same for you. When you choose Solar Seed, you’re choosing a solar company that’s not only dedicated to serving you to the best of our ability but also supporting local businesses and communities. Welcome to a different kind of solar service. Here is what some of our clients have to say.

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